Platform Rebuild


The days of design, present, then build are over. Collaboration is key.
Oftentimes, enterprises outgrow the technology they spent years building and maintaining. ForceBrands found itself in this exact position and decided it was time to design and build a new version of their jobs platform from scratch. Unfortunately, things did not work out as expected with the first firm they hired who went and designed an entire site, presented their designs, and wanted approval to build the entire thing. And so what do you do when you're in a pinch? Why, call sneakers of course. By taking a collaborative, hands-on approach with the ForceBrands team, we were able to bring much needed energy to a stalled project, help grow ForceBrands' internal team, and get it completed in a few months.
"We couldn’t ask for a better partner than Sneakers. They constantly push on themselves and our internal team to take our products to the next level.”

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